What is FreeMasonry.

There are now about 4 Million Freemasons under more than 100 "Regular Grand Lodges" Worldwide. Membership of the Masonic Craft is open to every respectable man who believes in his Personal Supreme Being, irrespective of colour, creed or denomination.


Three great but simple Principles unite Freemasons of every colour and many creeds. They are - Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. Non - Freemasons often unfairly criticize not knowing that members of Freemasonry are guided by such Honorable Principles. The good Freemason builds these Principles into his daily life as a Law abiding Man and citizen of the World.

Freemasonry and Religion

A Man's Religion is precious and personal to him. Discussion on matters of Religion and Politics often cause arguments and many wars have been fought ostensibly to impose or defend one Religion or political point of view against another. As he loves all his fellows, understandably Religion or Politics are topics that a freemason, in that capacity, is just not allowed to discuss, nor would he want to.

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